My Week Eating Only Sakara Life Meals With A Full Breakdown and Honest Review!

My Week Eating Only Sakara Life Meals


If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for trying a new healthy diet trend or cleanse, I look at it as a little reset or challenge. I truly believe in giving my body a small detox by either cutting out certain foods at a time or just eating more fruits and vegetables. Throughout the pandemic, I had some fun trying to recreate healthy meals I found online or in cookbooks but after too many months of quarantine, I was bored with the meals I was making. I am certainly not a good cook or used to cooking this often for myself so I thought it would be a great time to try something new like a meal service. At the beginning of the pandemic, I tried the 21-Day Pure Change Program with Dr. Passler (which I loved and would suggest for anyone looking for a medium-difficulty cleanse) so I didn’t want anything too strict. I started researching organic and healthy prepared meal delivery services in San Francisco and one of the first links that appeared was Sakara Life.

I heard of the Sakara Life meal delivery service after reading an article with Lily Aldridge raving about them a year ago but it seemed pretty expensive for what they were offering, especially since I believed I could find replicas of some of their meals at my local Whole Foods store. If I was not so exhausted with work and dreading cooking my same meals, I don’t know if I would have tried it but I am glad I did.  

Sakara Life labels itself as a “premium lifestyle and wellness brand,” and you can tell by the prices. I jumped ship and purchased the Signature Program (Level I) subscription for Monday – Friday with breakfast, lunch, and dinner which costs $349 (without shipping) weekly in San Francisco. I will say that the Sakara recipes are crafted on a whole-food, plant-rich diet that includes clean ingredients and was so impressed with how well everything tasted but do I think it was worth the price tag? Read below.


The 5-day Signature Program (Level I) breakdown with pictures below!



Breakfast: Maize Muffin with Probiotic Berry Coulis 


Lunch: Wild Rice and Miso Salad 


Dinner: The Signature Burger – plant-based



Breakfast: Chia and Coconut Protein Waffles with Coconut Cream

















Lunch: Buckwheat and Shredded Brussels Salad 













Dinner: Sunshine Curry Bowl with Purple Coconut Rice



Breakfast: Classic Superfood Granola with Green Goddess Mylk


Lunch: Youth and Beauty Salad


Dinner: “Grilled Cheese” and Tomato Soup 




Breakfast: Banana Pudding Parfait 



Lunch: Spicy Harissa Chard Abundance Bowl


Dinner: Sweet Potato and Sage Flatbread



Breakfast: Raspberry Tea Cake with French Lemon Curd 


Lunch: Sakara “Nicoise” Salad  


Dinner: Sichuan Noodles with Rainbow Carrots and Sichuan Sauce 


You can get the full ratings of each meal in my stories via Instagram here!


What to expect? You can either do a subscription model and select your preferred weekly meal plan or a one-time purchase of their prepared meals. The service offers either a two-day, three-day, or five-day option and allows you to choose which meals you want from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As I mentioned above, I chose the Monday – Friday option with all meals which costs $349 without shipping.

For me, deliveries arrived on Monday morning and Thursday morning from 12-6 am. Yes, you read that right. I was definitely put-off by that since I was paying a premium and there is absolutely no way I was going to buzz the delivery person into our apartment building that early in the morning twice a week. Right away, I knew this was something I would not be continuing forever.

Monday morning was the first delivery for meals Monday-Wednesday and Thursday morning was for meals Thursday and Friday, they wanted to make sure all the food was as fresh as possible. The meals come prepared in plastic containers that are placed in a large box with cold packs. As soon as they arrived, they went straight into the fridge. In my case, it was at around 3 am. Each meal is labeled with which day the meal is to be eaten with the ingredients and how to prepare (really only warming up some foods if applicable). Sakara also offers detox teas and supplements as separate add-ons, my delivery came with 5 detox teas which I was supposed to drink after lunch and probiotics for the week that I took twice a day. Also important, there are no calories or nutritional information.


How did the meals taste? All of the meals are 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based but don’t let that scare you, I was pleasantly surprised by how great most meals tasted. Breakfast was usually something sweet like a healthy pastry or parfait and lunch was almost always a salad. Their dressings for their salads were ridiculously good, I have never enjoyed eating veggies as much as I did with their dressing. I plan to buy their cookbook if they have their dressing recipes! Dinner was always a healthy take on stable foods like tacos, burgers, or stir fry. I appreciated how creative they were with their meals and all the many new vegetables they introduced me to. All meals had a superfood spotlight which I particularly enjoyed because they explained why the ingredient is good for you and showed just how much effort they put in their curated meals. For me, the meals were filling but some days I would start getting a bit hungry between lunch and dinner so there were times I would snack on a Perfect Bar


How did I feel? By Thursday, I was noticeably more energetic as soon as I woke up. I did not feel like I needed coffee although I did have it because I love the taste. I also did not get one single zit and my skin was a lot brighter. I didn’t give up coffee or wine at night and still felt so energetic and upbeat by the end of the week. I will post a picture of my skin below on Friday – no filter!


Is it worth it? I think this meal service is worth it if you have the cash to spend on this and second, want to eat a lot cleaner but do not want to spend the time shopping and cooking these kinds of meals. If you do the math, they are about $23 dollars per meal, which for some of the meals I did not feel it was worth that price tag. I live in San Francisco and although it is quite expensive, there were some meals I felt I was getting a little ripped off. I will say that I want to continue the Breakfast and Lunch options for Monday – Friday because work has not let up and they were my absolute favorite. I felt my body start to change by the end of the week in positive ways, especially my skin – it hasn’t looked this good in a really long time. I will not continue this regularly though, I am not a vegan and need some meat or fish in my life but I will try it occasionally when I’m extremely busy or bored with my food.

Interested in trying? Click the link here to get $50 dollars off your first meals! 

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I heard of the Sakara meal delivery service after reading an article with Lily Aldridge raving about them a year ago but it seemed pretty expensive for what they were offering, especially since I could find replicas of some of their meals at my local Whole Foods store. If I was not so exhausted with work and dreading cooking, I don't know if I would have tried it but I am glad I did.  

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