Hi, I’m Melissa Villalobos. Welcome to my website! This is my space for sharing my appreciation for food, health, travel, beauty, books, and fashion. I have always had a passion for getting the most out of anything and everything I experience. I’m always in search of new and interesting books, finding the top skincare products, traveling to the most exciting destinations, and developing a broader understanding of other cultures.

I created this blog to share my top finds, recommendations, knowledge, and perspective on anything from beauty care products, restaurants, travel spots, health trends, etc. My hope is to encourage you to try new things, meet new people, and “really milk the shit out of life” like I do. Thanks, GP. Consider this a go-to source to 100% approved recommendations from yours truly but in no way am I an expert in any of these fields. I hope this inspires you to read, question, investigate, and share your thoughts and feedback. I’d love for this is to be a two-way conversation with understanding and respect, we all need a little more empathy these days. 

A few things about me… my day job is in Marketing and Sales Operations and I live and work in San Francisco. I’m a bit of a perfectionist that loves to argue and I show up with a lot of enthusiasm (when I want to) and emotions (even when I don’t want to). Thank you for checking out my blog and reading this far.

Hope you enjoy xoxo

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